November 21, 2004

Open Source at the Hillside Club, Berkeley

Kim Polese, Kirk McKusick, Eric Allman, Brian Behlendorf, and Marten Mickos all talked tonight about Open Source.

Ideas like... open source is free as in free-to-be-changed, improved, reused. And that there is value to getting lots of people to look at code because it ensures that it's better than when only a few people. Also, forking of projects and licensing... commercial verses open source, collaboration between IT people in big companies and open source developers, openness in systems and with source code generally. In order for any OS project to succeed, a critical mass of developers is needed to make something.. and things like Open Office didn't have that.. but may get good enough soon to be a threat to Office. But then we talked about what applications are or are becoming open source (more and more, in almost every software category), that there are many more apps that are not. Some of this is about people with itches, who scratch their own, instead of buying proprietary or waiting to get it scratched.

There was a lot there.. and due to a lot of traveling and not too much sleep, I didn't get all that was said around this stuff. I really just wanted to listen and take in the stories about this area I'm getting more and more interested in, beyond just being all for it. However, the Hillside Club will put this up on their site shortly.. so we can all listen.

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