November 19, 2004

PubSub Launches Their New Site

So at the PubSub party last night, I chatted with Bob and Salim about what's going on there.

First of all, they are monitoring 6.5 million blogs and seeing 600,000 posts a day. That's pretty amazing. However, many of the 6.5 million blogs have feeds that haven't pinged them or updated in some time, so they prefer the more conservative 3,606,000 active blogs as the number they actually monitor day-to-day.

They've also changed the interface, making it far easier for users to see that PubSub is really about defining a search for subscribing in my aggregator (those searches can actually include several searches, for example: -- to get all instances of someone linking to me, combined with "mary hodder" and "napsterization" to get all instances of the keyword use in posts, and then being able to define interesting subsets of the blogosphere.. so that I only get posts say, in the 40% to 80% conversational middle of blogs as they are ranked by inbound links... and on and on...).

PubSub does something interesting that the other blog services don't do... which is that they don't collect the data and store it... instead they match the data to the subscription searches and other things they collect and monitor, and then toss it. So they don't have to worry about structuring it in a database for later. It's an interesting premise, this idea of not searching historically but rather searching just what comes through, which they call "prospective search."

Nice work guys.

Posted by Mary Hodder at November 19, 2004 07:25 AM | TrackBack

I do like pubSub. Dead handy. I think they are right to specialise so. Google for historical blog searching. And pubSub, (blogDigger too) for within the hour search feed stuff. Dead handy. I bet it will be reasonable priced, one day. Dead handy.

I wrote a rant review of these and technorati and feedster.

Feedster and Technorati Stink

And a semi-recant...

Searching the Blogosphere

Posted by: Steve Hooker at November 19, 2004 05:15 PM

Why is this news?

Feedster and Jyte have been doing this for a while. Jyte seems to return better (more) results than feedster, which returns better than my 2 search test of pubsub. I guess I need to try technorato.

Posted by: alex maybank at November 20, 2004 05:05 PM