November 19, 2004

PubSub Launches!

Last night I attended the PubSub Launch Party at Galaxy in the Union Square area of NY. Salim Ismal and Bob Wyman threw a lovely little todo and lots of interesting folks were there, including Susan Crawford, Andrew Rasiej, Britt Blaser, Isabel Walcott, Steve Rubel and several members of his team at Cooper Katz, Tom from the Media Drop, and Francis Hwang of Rhizome, a cool art/tech org that's having a panel on Blogging and the Arts at New Museum of Contemporary Art in Chelsea Tuesday night.

Lots of fun to see everyone and hang out!

BTW, congratulations to Susan Crawford! Her post the other day on the FCC's latest silliness where they want to control everything that might fit the category of TV receiving equipment..., got slash-dotted and she had 15,000 hits all of the sudden. Check it out.

Afterward, I caught up with Susan Mernit and her husband, Spencer for a late night chat at 71 Irving.

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