November 07, 2004

Last Sunday... NY

Happened to be in NY and was, for about a half hour, checking out the new Time Warner building at Columbus Circle while waiting for a friend to arrive on the subway. I walked to the second floor landing area... between the wings of stores, where Crossfire was setting up for a Monday night show. Outside the roped area, there was seating. I sat down next to a middle aged white guy, with ear-bud. Looked like a technician. We started chatting, and I asked what he did. He said he was the lead cameraman for Crossfire. I asked what he thought of the previous weeks events, with Jon Stewart, and the fact that 1.5 million downloads of the 15 minute clip had taken place within 24 hours of the show. He wasn't even aware that it had happened. And from the look on his face, he seemed not to understand what 1.5 million downloads meant (a lot, a little...).

Then he told me that when they do the show, the hosts typically keep chatting with the guests, while the audience files out. This time, after Jon Stewart, the audience was begging for more, and refused to leave. So they cut the microphones, and the audience still wouldn't leave. So the hosts and Jon Stewart had to leave the stage to continue their talk, in order to get the audience to leave.

Most amazing though, that this broadcast camera guy had no idea that people were downloading the Jon Stewart/Crossfire clip, much less at such incredible rates right after the show.

Update: I'm at Accelerating Change and Zack Rosen just said that 865,000 people watch Crossfire regularly.

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