October 12, 2004


My friend Ana, who just got back Sunday from 6 months of being in-sourced to India, has a few things to say about American culture. First, it's 'relax' -- apparently street lights in India, when red, say 'relax.' And she thinks we need to. She said everyone here is so anxious, zipping around and laboring on 'internet time.' Zanex in the water, anyone?

Second, when the software engineers in India who worked for her (she was the team lead on a project for a telco project for an Indian company there...) would say, 'sure, two weeks to code it' and months later it wasn't even touched, she realized that outsourcing as an issue in the US is a joke. There is no competition. We are too busy zipping around getting things done here, and there is no way they operate on that level. It's just not part of their culture.

And lastly, she noted that we eat a lot of fatty foods and part of her culture shock getting back is that as a society, we are pretty overweight. But then, she says, 'everyone looks good in a well placed Sari.' She brought back two gorgeous ones (and lost some serious weight).

My response? Six months was way too long, I missed her way too much, and I'm so happy she's back and living up the street. Thank goodness I'm so busy zipping around running on internet time that it passed quickly. Ana is one of my very favorite people I'd rather have her here coding than there.

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