October 06, 2004

Keyhole... I Think You Should Love Your Macs More!

Wow. Just saw a demo of the coolest new mapping thing (hopefully they have a cool linking policy...) here at Web 2.0. Keyhole. Except now that I have a Mac laptop, I'm not able to download the free 7-day trial, except on my home machine. Bummer. Because it would be perfect for the Mac environment.

BTW, since I've become a Mac user, I don't think I mentioned how amazing it is. For the last 7 years, it's been all windows all the time (tried to install Linux about 5 times, but couldn't get it...). Anyway, the difference? Well, it's not an easy change over. Took about two months, with lots of help from Kevin Marks and a couple of others here and there, to figure out substitute programs that had functions I wanted or needed that were similar to the Windows features I was used to using. Not to mention switching takes on the quality of driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Basically, I would hit commands or keys that felt right, but did the opposite of what I was expecting because I was used to Windows. It was like turning right on right, and driving straight into traffic, because everyone drives on the left side. But I've adjusted.

But regardless of those adjustments, as soon as I started using the Mac (15" laptop), I realized it was like driving a very fine sportscar. And that before, with Windows, I was driving an inexpensive mid-priced car. Like going from a Mercury LeSabre to a 5-series BMW. Lovely. Delicious. I feel loved by my computer. And what I can now do and make is so beautiful.

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Reviews: New! Keyhole from Google: Explore the world from your PC.

by VirtualChicano

This morning I logged in as usual to check my websites, e-mail etc. After making some updates to my sites and deleting some spam, I decided to search for a few more Hispanic websites for Metichi.com | Hispanic Search Engine. As usual I went to Google to type in a random keyword in Spanish. That's when I read this: "New! Keyhole from Google: Explore the world from your PC." I clicked on the link and seconds later I began to see the advantages for the home / office user.

"Keyhole represents the largest commercial imagery database online in 3D today." But the pictures can be up to 3 years old. Keyhole covers every state except Alaska and boasts coverage of 80 countries and exotic locals. Mexico City is what I looked for and it's there on the list with imagery from .7 of a meter. Keyhole 2 Pro allows you to make 3d flyover anitations and costs just under $600.00. Not bad considering it gives the small webmaster parity with the big cheeses of internet entertainment. Clicking on "News" tells you that Google made the aquisition just yesterday, 27OCT04. Google immediately lowered the price to $29.95 from 69.95 which is good for consumers but it's still a subscription service because you are actually downloading data from their servers. To power Keyhole you'll need a 3d graphics card and I'm running NVIDIA so it comes with a few extra added features. Keyhole Pro is packed with features but Keyhole HTML sounds better. It also comes in 3 more versions including Fusion, EC and Server.

Using Keyhole is extremly easy, I picked it up in just a few minutes. There is also a community with polls, forums etc. Keyhole is not available for Mac and some versions do not have trial versions to sample them. All in all, I think Keystone is the greatest invention since Macromedia Flash. Like Macromedia Flash, Keystone is limited only to one's own imagination. Buy it, master it, have fun with it and make some money with it.

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