October 06, 2004

Snap Back

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, at Web 2.0, we got an intro to Snap, a new search engine. It looked cool because of all the parameters available for sorting, even if the search results are a bit hard to grok and need some UI love:


But then, TrainedMonkey pointed out their linking policy:

How absolutely clueless. Uh, seems they've lost their cluetrain ticket too. They must know about the Athens 2004 incident. I mean, at least with those guys, you could understand somewhat the utter cluelessness, because well, you know, they are all about old media. But Snap? Okay. Well, way to get on the Web 2.0-train, SnapBack.

Update 10/6/04: Apparently, Snap changed it's policy in response to the blog posts by Cory and others.

Posted by Mary Hodder at October 6, 2004 12:15 PM | TrackBack