September 24, 2004

News Pointer

Stephanie Olsen/cNet has this on RSS and Ads: Web news feed syncs up with ads.

I'm quoted with this:

In between those two statements, though, I said that we (all of us online, those that create and those that search or reuse) haven't really worked out what's fair between those small online publishers and those that cache, search, re-serve or reuse data. We're just sort of winging it with copyright, social norms around caching (think Google and their cache of everything for starters), what we have as creators that we want shared verses what happens when someone repackages. And as a user, when paying for the repackage, are we paying for content, or the time saving repackaging or search? I'm not sure and but I do think some of this will be decided by what is in the minds of users as they create, reuse, or subscribe to RSS feeds of many people's content, laced with ads, or sliced and diced in other formats.

But I do think there is a business model in RSS, in fact, several different business models, though it's extremely early adopter at this stage of technology use right now. So there is a lot to be seen. But it's very interesting stuff, and I definitely encourage experimentation with it all, as Olsen chronicles in the article, so that the online community can figure out what works and what doesn't technologically and with users / creators.

Posted by Mary Hodder at September 24, 2004 11:57 AM | TrackBack


Are you saying that there are important unresolved issues of content ownership with regards to RSS? If so, what might these be?

And secondly, how do think the RSS business models differ from those associated with other forms of web publication?



Posted by: Terry Steichen at September 26, 2004 01:23 PM