September 11, 2004

50% Drop In Use of Landlines Since 1997

Daniel Berninger reports (summarizing the May04 FCC Trend Report - pdf) that this is due to the surge of cellphone, internet use and other connections.

This is an amazingly fast shift in behavior for people. But it is what I experience, and what I see others doing as they go through their lives. At the office, we use laptops and cell phones... we move around the office from spot to spot, and we reconfigure our work groups based on tasks at hand... we take our offices with us as we go... and we work at home or in a cafe or at a friends... using wifi, the cell phone as an internet connector... why be tethered?

My friends and I use text messaging and IM as well as talking on our mobile phones to communicate -- much more than our landlines. In fact, when my home phone rings, it's always such a surprise because it only happens about once a month. Only when Cingular gets stupid and starts dropping calls, when I'm at home, do I pick up the landline. I just keep it because the dsl is tethered to it, and I guess it's a backup of sorts in case of emergency.

Most of my friends don't even have landlines. We only connect only through untethered methods.... It's just convenient and easy. Though I must admit, I have an old bakelite rotary phone from 1932, and I love it.. weighs about 9 lbs... and I sort of like the idea of having it connected. But not for $360 a year.

He's on a panel at the National Press Club: Policy interests of VC funded insurgents versus Wall Street funded incumbent telcos (9/24/04, WDC).

They certainly got the framing right on that panel.

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