September 10, 2004

Hampton's Man: Burning the Man With Peace Love and Gucci

IMG_1843-thumb.jpgA parallel event to Burningman, Hampton's Man burned last Saturday night at the same time Burningman was getting ready to launch their burn in Nevada. 3 hours ahead they were on the east coast. But for their very first burn, with 250 people, they saw the power of the fire, the same way the 35,000 people saw it in Nevada.

Burningman was all about peace, love and public art (the cool stuff they never let you climb all over in a museum -- and like I've never seen in either NY or SF Moma). Mad Max imprinted on the art world, and the art world shifting max. But the host of Hampton's Man told me that the moment the man was set to burn, the debutants and the stuffy shirts got into the primal burn: they danced, they swayed, they threw up their Cartier clad arms to the power of the burning man.

How sweet that such a thing can alter the state of minds of people who are not on drugs but just feeling the natural beach or desert, the burning effigy, their fellow people and knowing this doesn't happen in their everyday life. No matter what coast they were on.

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