September 02, 2004

Burningman and Hampton's Man

So I'm on my way to Burningman to see what it's like, and will attempt to post video to this blog from the event.. taken with my Nokia 7610.

hamptons_man_graphic.gifNot so coincidentally, Hampton's Man is also burning a man on Saturday, September 4th at 6:00 PM on Coopers Beach, Southampton. Hampton's Man is decidedly different than Burningman, though.

Their motto: Radical Consumption. Conspicuous Anarchy. Dry Martinis.

You heard it here first, people. Check it out, as they will have videos taken with their Nokia 7610 as well, for coordinated east and west coast burns, if not asymmetric philosophies!

Where Burningman is inclusive (okay, it's now $350 for a ticket today), Hampton's man is exclusive (okay, it's free but you have to get out there)... where Burningman is free love and doesn't take money (okay, except for coffee and ice), Hampton's man is laise faire about putting Gucci loafers with linen Bermuda shorts (okay, except for the sunglasses.. you have to have cool sunglasses) ... where Burningman is a techy community art / light show (except for the fact that people trade hard for batteries), Hampton's man is all about working your "community" for the next deal (community sounds so, I don't know communitarian, don't you think, how about 'niche market' instead)....

Anyway, you get the idea. So have fun whether you're drinking martinis or beer, popping zanex or reds, it's all fun. Okay, I won't be doing any of that, but you get the idea. And I do intend to have fun. N'est pas?

Oh wait, there's more:

Go to it. If you're in the Hamptons. It's the Anti-burningman. Go to Burningman, if your in Nevada. It's the Anti-Hampton's man. But do something people! Do it now!

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