August 25, 2004

The Irony of It All

Yes, I work at a blog company and I barely have time to blog. Several things are up: Official news from Donna Wentworth and Fred Von Lohmann at EFF that the JibJab suit has been settled. Congratulations to EFF and the Public Domain.

Also, UC Berkeley has made a deal with Real Networks to give students access to Rhapsody for $2 a month. Less than a latte, and certainly less than the $9.95 regular rate. But there are limitations on bandwidth, etc. Undergrads get it free through Oct 31, and grad students pay from the start. Wonder how they figured that one out. Why not give everyone a chance to check it out and then charge. Are grad students more likely to just pay up front? Or too busy to download music in ways the University might get into trouble for because they have so much work, or if UCB didn't regulate it and make the Real offer?

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