August 13, 2004

MT 3.1 Debuts

sixapart1.jpg Last night Moveable Type 3.1 debuted at a little Six Apart party in SOMA/SF. Lots of fun folks, good conversations and dry saki fruit drinks (martini style). Lovely party. 3.1 has some cool new features which I'm looking forward to trying out. Discussions ranged from serious coders telling me how with ads in RSS right around the corner, they are working on plugins for all the aggregators to strip the ads out... to blogger/non-techies who were excited about the latest release... to how yummy the food was, and while the space was cool, but they might pass on the art.

Various people showed up like the always lovely Jeff Veen and Jeremy Zawodney and Sylvia Paull and Phil Wolfe and Mark Graham and Elise Bauer among others. Oh, and Doug Bowman, the famous and difficult-to-hire-because-he's-so-busy web designer (but he did promise me two weeks in November so I'm going to hold him to it). Afterward, a few folks headed to Lobbycon, which was borne from the "lobby talk" at Blogon.. it was held at the W Hotel.. and maybe 20 people were there.

One interesting thing was standing in the lobby for an hour and a half, observing the people who were just in the hotel because they were staying there. Amazing things were happening. Business people were wondering around looking for stuff to do, people were hooking up, a dj was spinning. Humans are fascinating.

But I digress. The SixApart and Lobbycon events were both fun. Thanks guys!

ps, I almost forgot the shwag: a 32mb key fob with a copy of 3.1... with autographed box from Ben and Mena.

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Another good party missed. Is it my shy, retiring personality?

Posted by: xian at August 17, 2004 03:06 PM