July 02, 2004

Can I Just Say One Thing About My Time?

So Monday night I made a really nice dinner, Merquez lamb sausage, black bean salad with sweet onions and heirloom tomatos, sweet corn and fennel. All farmer's market organic stuff. Yummy. And fresh lemony guacomole, homemade chips, etc. Yummy wine brought back from Spain.

And you know what was so cool? I wasn't tired or guilty of not working! It's sooooo cool because in the past four years, I can't remember cooking anything, and not being either exhausted (read: on break from school) or feeling guilty in some way for not working on something (read: taking a break and worrying about all the work that was due). This is so great! Then, the next night, a SIMS friend (who just started at Yahoo) and I had dinner, which consisted of wine and take out at Delores Park, sitting on the grass watching the fog roll across the city. And I told her about this, and we agreed that again, it was so cool that we could hang out for dinner, without having to go home and work for hours later that night and we weren't tired and it was so easy and fun.

I love this!

Posted by Mary Hodder at July 2, 2004 12:10 PM | TrackBack

Congratulations on some time well earned. Enjoy la dolce vita! (and thanks again for all your help with my book - perhaps I can make you dinner some time in further thanks...)

Posted by: xian at July 3, 2004 10:05 AM