June 30, 2004

BlogOn Update

This conference I'm organizing for July 22 and 23 (register by today and it's $50 less than it will be tomorrow, use the UCBerkeley code, and it's an additional $50 off, either before or after today) is moving along. Lot's of interesting speakers lined up to talk about social media (which includes much more than social networks and blogs) and the business opportunities for investing and creating businesses. Our intention is not to talk about social media exclusively, as that's been done before, but rather to talk about what parts are opportunities, where tools need to be made to see things happening between people, and what investors should focus on when considering these opportunities.

Also, we've added a scholarship registration, so that community bloggers who can't afford the $149 blogger fee can be comped. We ask that you submit a little info to us, and then we'll ask a few to help out on a couple of things. But we feel it's important for people who create social media to participate, no matter their ability to pay the conference fees.

If you are interested please register!

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