June 28, 2004

A Shot Across Microsoft's Bow

Not to mention, it's a step further into the total disruption for traditional media. See the Safari Home Theater movie. So Apple Safari just released a built-in RSS aggregator in version 1.2 with the latest OS, and the Tiger disc handed out at the Apple Developer Conference this morning has been shooting around the office, ever since the Steve Jobs keynote.

So what it means, for trad media, when RSS aggregation is embedded and just a feature in an OS, is that it becomes an everyday thing, instead of something the geeks have downloaded for their phones and computers, to manage RSS feeds. What's next, when you have that seamless feed aggregator built-in, is a filter, a direction, some help managing the content that takes less time. Yep, you guess it. The blogosphere.

So what does that do to the clicks+ads business model traditional news media sites use, thinking their readers come directly to them? Users can seamlessly pull in content, from both blogs and the NYTimes, into their OS, without being geeks, and then pivot on their favorite parts of the blogosphere, and then it's an RSS+ads model, or something else we haven't dreamed up yet.

Even cooler, if you're a metadata junkie, is Spotlight, which allows a toolbar level search of all docs, files and folders, email, calendars, and contacts. Apparently the demo was quite cool, zippy and yes, another challenge to the MS folks.

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