May 18, 2004

Moveable Types New Licensing, Pricing for 3.0

Everyone and their blogging dogs have commented on Six Apart's new Moveable type licensing and pricing, complaining vociferiously. My thought is, I know they need to sell the software to have a business model and stay sustainable. But my group blogs would be $702 and $599 respectively under their new upgrade scheme (which we really need for a couple of massive fixes), though they are on educational sites; asked them and still no word on educational prices, though they've asked us to wait while they figure it out. I'm a little unhappy because I'm the one that got a couple of departments at Berkeley to install MT, and now most of those people want to change to other services. So instead of those crazy licensing schemes that don't fit anything, at least that I'm involved in, how about a flat fee?

What about $50 a blog/site, no matter how many authors or installs that make up "one" blog? Posts are posts, aggregated on one blog, no matter who does them. How about, "one" blog with "one" name. Got a different name, with a different URL, implying different content? Then it's another $50. And then charge extra for support, which we don't need anyway and never had or got used to. Frankly, I'd pay $150, including $50 for napsterization, plus foot the bill for the two group blogs even if they are hosted on educational servers. But all my activities together would run around $1500 as it stands now and I can't upgrade for that. It just seems like too much.

It's not what they are doing, it's how they are doing it. I think if they went to the user base and asked how the users would like to see it happen, they would get much more cooperation in getting people to pay for their software and suggestions for fringe cases like the group educational blogs. But they don't appear to have done that, or at least across the 100 or so blogs I read daily, I never heard about any survey to see what Six Apart users thought or got any notice though my blog pings MT with each post. I can say I'm guilty of not visiting the Six Apart site regularly for their latest. But then I don't visit Microsoft or Macromedia either.

I'd love to see Six Apart work something out that works for both bloggers and the company. I've really enjoyed using their software and teaching it to dozens and dozens of others. But they need to change what they are doing or risk their whole community of users.

Posted by Mary Hodder at May 18, 2004 12:49 PM | TrackBack

Hi Mary, please be reassured, SA has great educational prices, it is just that they got so many emails that they are trying to sort them all out now.

Posted by: Loic Le Meur at May 18, 2004 11:21 PM

1. I need to add this site to my aggregator.

2. I see you're still on MT 2.6x. I haven't heard any compelling reasons to upgrade to 3.x (the performance problems are still there). I moved to WordPress and so long as it works with ecto (even with 2.0 that I'm beta-testing), I'm not looking back.

I'm not opposed to someone making money, so long as they provide value: this seems to be at the root of any license debate (be it for software or media, ie, iTunes). When will vendors stopp treating their customers as criminals?

Posted by: Paul at September 11, 2004 12:12 AM