May 09, 2004

Dada and Surealism: Frank Field and the Folding Chair

Frank has a response to Ernie's question: What is DRM for? (that's digital restrictions management). Frank thinks it's like the folding chairs people use in Boston to mark parking spaces they've cleared of snow, and want to save for themselves for later. They are sending a message that if the space is taken by another, there will be trouble, regardless of how easy it is to get around the folding chair. In other words, DRM is a place holder so people know they are doing something wrong when the break it, even if the restrictive quality is easy to get around.

Frank a little later with Cynicism 2:

Doc Searls was talking this morning about how using the word "content" buys into the idea that culture, human knowledge, creativity, are commodities and if that is our metaphor, then shipping the content is central. And this debases our humanity, and keeps us from models where we can iterate knowledge in a commons for the good of everyone, as well as focus on ways to create business in the new digital internet-based system. If we rethink this, we have a chance at understanding that distribution is a central feature to be emphasized, as well as protected as a first amendment activity, which is something Ernie Miller thinks about a lot.

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