May 07, 2004

May 12 Panel on Non Fiction Media (Blogging v. Journalism)

YAJvBP. Okay it doesn't have the ring of a YASN, but what does? Anyway, I'm hoping this discussion is less about Journalism v. Blogs and more about how they complement each other, how they differ and why that is important to the media biz and biz in general as it tries to navigate the new media landscape, because how the discussion of blogs are this or that is irrelevant in the same way that describing a book as any one thing would be silly; who would say all books are diaries, or cookbooks, or novels or children's pop-ups? These are genres in the sense that they are publishing tools, but that's it. They are not any one genre of types of material or people or writing or photos or whatever. A Blog is not a moblog any more than a blog is a diary or a list of links or a rant or a content management system or a corporate marketing tool.

Or how about discussing the definition of interactivity (as in, let the user be able to reconfigure the environment and alter the content), why linking is key to life on the web and why it makes the web different from other media, how honesty prevails (and fast) in online discussions, or debate verses true deliberation (where many views and truths can be distributed and discusses for the good of the commons and democracy), or what about the commodification of news information to the extent that you can't make money online with that, and instead you have to rely on metadata, clicks and ads, and relationships with your communities of interest?

I say this all not so much because I know anything about how this panel will proceed, but more because so many panels in the past have just stayed on the Blog v J topic.

So you might say those are high hopes, but then check out the panel:

Dan Gillmor - Technology Columnist - Mercury News
Susan Mernit - Principal, 5ive,
Chris Nolan - Politics from Left to Right
Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster
with Chris Shipley moderating.

Dan told me the other day that he has refused to address this question (the YABvJP question) for the longest time because it's long gone as a topic, and I know Susan is totally down with that, and I'm guessing the rest of them won't go for the simple blogs v. J thing either. So, go to the panel for the good stuff! An interesting discussion iterating the topics that matter to date with digital non-fiction media....

Wednesday, May 12, 2004 6:30 to 8:30pm at Fenwick & West at 801 California St. Mountain View, CA.

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