May 02, 2004

DRUMS: Scott Matthews Proposes a File-Sharing Solution for Media Metadata

DRUMS is here. Scott has been working on Andromeda, an MP3 server system for a while. c|net, PCUser, techTV, Macworld, ClearChannel, O'Reilly and more have all used and endorsed that system for streaming your MP3s. Scott's new idea, which stands for Digital Rights Uniform Metadata Service, is worth considering and while it's a work in progress, it's a great start. It's a "new centralized/distributed metadatabase of authored works."

It would then be propogated across the internet, so that when people release works that are open for copying, systems will have a metadata reference to check this, and then maybe check for new releases as well. It would allow DJ's and others to find works that could be freely shared. Or find works that are licensed in some particular way, so that people can respond appropriately.

Send Scott suggestions as he considers this a group process.

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