April 29, 2004

Genie Panel

Both JD Lasica and Christian Crumlish blogged the dialog, and they were a whole lot nicer than I would be recounting it. The panel was all over the place, totally unfocused, though people said interesting somewhat random things. Most interesting was the small disagreement between Ray Kurzweil (on video) and Howard Rheingold (who didn't wear his usual cool shoes -- which is an important reason to attend any panel with Howard, in addition to his usual insightful and brilliant remarks -- so disappointing that he wore what looked like gardening clogs). From JD:

Overall though, talking about how we should do this, that and the other, generally, about the whole world, non-specifically, imprecisely, covering things that everyone would agree with, is a boorish waste of 5 really smart interesting people who could have focused on one aspect of science, ethics, the internet and new technologies and iterated, telling us something we could think about and get challenged by. Instead, the moderator, Christina Desser, let the discussion veer all over, so that they just made bunch of random useless remarks about how we should should should.

The reason I stayed? I had a really nice chat with Isaac Mao, the first Chinese blogger, who's been followed into blogging by 300,000 others in China. Also, lots of other interesting folks came, including Sylvia Paull who had the same reaction as I did to the panel. I wished she'd been moderating. She would have turned that whole thing right around and gotten them focused on something constructive.

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