April 28, 2004

Blogging and Social Networking on Ebay

By now, 2 hours and 24 minutes before the close of horseplaypublishing's auction, and 4.8 million page views later, this wedding dress has a bid price of $15,100.00 (pdf or htm). Yesterday at noon there were about 683k page views and the price was $690. The guy selling it (he's also modeling it) has written commentary as well as additional information about the auction responses, including media interviews and tons of email, after the initial post on the dress itself. His motivations for selling? His wife left him and he found the dress in the move, and he wants to get money for Mariner's tickets as well as some beer -- noble goals for any eBay seller. ebayweddingdress.JPG

I'm waiting for eBay to set up comments, trackback, and of course, links to this post from other bloggers. Actual online social networking here. And his website will be coming soon. Hopefully he does a blog himself because the writing is so funny. Though horseplaypublishing does report that, "EBay has graciously allowed me to update this page once more. So I will keep it brief." EBay has something on their hands that they may not understand the extent of, or if they do, it's not reflected on their site, but it's incredibly cool. Let users play and they'll come up with something really interesting.

Posted by Mary Hodder at April 28, 2004 12:07 PM | TrackBack

The only thing with eBay is that the auctions aren't permalinks because there would be no server space for eBay after a while... That makes it a little tougher to keep stuff up there in a social networking kind of way.

But I agree - there are sites out there who just poke fun at items on eBay that are kooky or really really interesting. If they were smart (not that they're dumb) they would start one of these sites on their own, or at least a forums type section. The question is purely capacity - they get so much traffic that it'd make it hard to justify something like that.

Posted by: Tom at April 28, 2004 02:06 PM