April 26, 2004

Blog Outsourcing

Today, instead of blogging myself, I've decided to leave comments on other blogs. Some on grade information and inflation at Freedom to Tinker and some with Jeff Jarvis on representation of the public by the press and some with JD on the DMCA and search engine C&D's. It's just easier than figuring out what I think here, right now, in a state of anxiety.

Trying to finish up school, everything that isn't about finishing (working out, spending time with a couple of people, and sleeping are excepted as big stress relievers) just leaves me racked with guilt. This includes blogging. I've got two major papers and a system due by May 13 at 5pm. Every piece of extraneous paper or any dirt in the house is driving me nuts. I just want this to be over, and yet I don't because I also enjoy the people I work with at Berkeley, and my experience there. But I can't sit in this spot for very much longer. I need it to be over soon.

Posted by Mary Hodder at April 26, 2004 09:07 AM