April 12, 2004

Broadcast Flag Event April 21 in SF

Public Knowledge is hosting an event next Wednesday at the Frey Norris Gallery
in SF to celebrate the 21 tech companies that signed off recently on a letter objecting to the Broadcast Flag to the FCC. April 21st, 6:30pm - 9pm.

Companies that signed the letter include:
Aereal Inc., Bauhaus Software, Bitfone Corporation, Blossom Research (“GNU Radio Project”), CEDX Corporation, Damage Studios, Dandin Group, Feedster, Gibeo LLC, Lulu Enterprises, Inc, MySQL, Peak Internet, Slim Devices, Socialtext, Solari, Inc., Sputnik, Stonebrick Group, Ted Roche & Associates, LLC, Webmatter.com, Whizspark Corporation, and Wifinders. Download the attachment.

I can think of many more companies that should have signed off and should be involved going forward, because the BF affects so many technology innovations. But this is a wonderful start!

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