April 09, 2004

unmediated: tracking the tools that decentralize the media

Last night Ryan Shaw, also at SIMS pointed me to his new group blog: unmediated. Interesting stuff. Like the current top post on Participatory Panopticons, talking about 1 mpix camera phones and how all this photo/photo/video stuff changes us and we change it, and asks a few interesting questions about the surveillance, transparancy and whether society will use these tools for good.

I am about to start testing a new game prototype developed by other SIMS people with a few friends who have Treo 600's or similar stuff, that will use our camera phone web access tools to play a photo challenge game. We take pictures, post them to the web from the phone, challenge the others to match it in a short period, and then they post. Lots of txt messaging etc. But I think it will be really fun. I can't wait. And who knows, maybe that will shift again the surveillance thing. In fact, I'd feel more comfortable knowing that anyone on the internet could see something I just took a picture of, that they might recognize it (locationally) upon my posting it to a website, than someone seeing my location on their phone, without my knowing, via dodgeball=YASN+phone. At least I'm putting the info up, and can walk away from the photo site. It doesn't mean everyone will know where I am, but instead where I was. Even if where I was with the photo happened just a few minutes before. I'd rather someone I know call me on my phone, and give me the choice of revealing where I am. The phone/photo game seems much more fun and unlikely to cause that same discomfort I feel with dodgeball. But I'll play and report. Have to wait and see.

Anyway, Ryan says he hopes they keep growing into a more cohesive topic blog covering the unmediated. I think it's a great topic blog and look forward to more stuff from the group.

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