March 31, 2004

Air America on the Internet

Trying to listen to Al Franken's new show on Air America. Live now if you live in three states or can listen through the internet. Real keeps cutting in and out with it. Or their server does. How 'bout another format guys? So far I've heard commercials for the show itself, AmEx, and the show again. But no show.

Just wait til Howard Stern does this. They need to better anticipate the loads and untapped desire for content....

Yeah, it just came back on. They're spoofing Ann Coulter (Bebe Neuwirth is playing her) locked in the green room ("Fire that Puerto Rican... he's in breach of contract over the crou d'etes!)

Dang it, the sound is gone again.

Back... "Farther to the Left Than The John Birch Society..." lots of commericals, and it's gone again. Well, maybe another day.

Got it back at the end, where they went back to "Ann" who was screaming mad. "I can't believe how incompetent you are!" Al: "Well, I can'd disagree with you there, Ann." Ann: "I'm a lawyer, Al, and I can tell you this: this is actionable! Let me outta here." Then Al said let's just do the interview now, and he asked her what was wrong with liberals, which she started to answer, then started screaming again. Pretty good. Damned Liberals!

However, unless they keep Bebe coming (she's sassy), this will get boring. I think three hours is too much Al. How bout a very tight hour of comedy?

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