March 28, 2004

I had to Put Something Else At the Top of This

Okay, this is not a napsterization post either. Well, maybe it is. But I had to do something else after the last rant, and my longer essay is too long to read now, as I'm hungover... last night about 11 people came over for sashimi and champagne, and rolls and rolls of sushi, Japanese pastries and oranges in cointreau, and many sakatinis, lots of Riesling, and coindreaus and viogniers from Eric Texier, my favorite coindreau guy. And at the end, well, what could have been the end, they all asked sweetly for the homemade lemoncello. This has become a habit at midnight, after a decadent dinner party. It started last fall at another one where I offered it after dinner with Vin Santo from Siena, and now, 10 or so dinner parties later, they demand it. I'm going to have to go into full production right away, because I'm down to my last two bottles from the last batch. And, being 27 or 29 and a few years younger than me, they can all handle this so much better than I can, at least the next day. But this isn't why I'm writing this.

The real reason is that after, we went around the corner at say 2am, to my friend Bill's for an 80's vinyl dance party. Thankfully, his upstairs neighbor was also attending the dinner party, so we danced til around 4am. Go Go's "Automatic," Cheap Trick, Loverboy, Devo, MJackson (the wall), Madonna "Get into the Groove," etc. Does it matter that they were in the 8th grade when I was at clubs in NY and at college dancing with this stuff? No. We had a blast, though I have certain regrets as I write this right at this moment. But anyway, the topic at hand is just that vinyl, playing records (they have about 1000 of them) is so great, and you know, so much nicer to listen than mp3s, though I love the convenience and portability. Anyway, I'm sure we were violating some digital copyright of late, though we were doing analog, dancing to loud music blasting around Bill and L's place, up to S's and out to the streets. Mmmm, but semi-public performances are fun.

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