March 17, 2004

Oh My God, Like, I'm in Vanity Fair as A Pop Journalist

Okay, it's miniscule. Okay, it's just the name, Okay. Vanity Fair is barely online and not linkable. But still, I know it's there. Page 144 of the April issue is about blogs, The Laptop Brigade by James Wolcott, with screenshots of Kos and Ryan's Lair and Bartcop and Easterblogg and andrewsullivan and Juan Cole. And in the Blogging of the President, where under the sidebar listing of "transformational" (no, this isn't some new age category) they list Buzzmachine, Jay Rosen, Daniel Drezner and ME! In teeny tiny letters. Who knew getting linked to from BopNews could get you into Vanity Fair.

Anyway, the article goes on to say that we are not a bunch of nose-picking narcissists, but instead are vivifying, talent-swapping, socializing pop-journalists. And he says we are conversing! And we're multifaceted linkers and thinkers. They have a photo of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga at his desk, and focus on him quite a bit, saying that liberal blogs are where the bonfires occur. Wolcott obviously reads Jay Rosen, because he's got Jay's concepts all over the place, including the Adopt a Journalist program (which isn't really a program in the top down sense of program, but rather just something some people decided to do.)

So, the upshot? They aren't linkable, so I can't show you. Oh well. Does it still exist if it's not linkable? Only on airplanes and in spas, I guess.

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