March 09, 2004

Going Behind the Orange Curtain

Spring Fever: Who Needs to Go Away when It's 85...I'm fighting it off anyway. Spring Fever, that is. Been posting minimally as my big project (master's, plus more) is taking up about 85 hours a week. Sorry about that. I could really use two and half more months of rain to finish it... or actually to finish the master's program. This project could seriously take ten years. Who knew the intersection of computers, information flow and interaction, traditional and non-traditional journalism, and intellectual property could be so all consuming. Not to mention trying to make something constructive out of it.

But the good news is I've been invited by the American Press Institute to blog their MediaMorphosis Conference Wednesday through Friday in Newport Beach. I'll be blogging about it here. And it's in Newport Beach at the lovely Four Seasons. They are taking this blog thing seriously, with three of us brought in and set up just to give unedited non-traditional commentary. I';m feeling orange already.

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