March 05, 2004

Friendster (and by Implication, Orkut) is a Gateway Drug to Blogging, Which According to Wired May Lead to Massive Borrowing Without Attribution

Blogging Off, Your blog's great -- nice dirt on Graydon Carter -- but can it buy me a beer? by Whitney Pastorek in the Village Voice (link from JD), a non-blogger, surrounded by addicted bloggers.

Now, once you've taken the drug, Amit Asaravala in Wired proclaims Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious, talking about how memes spread across blogs and:

I would say that good blogging etiquette is to link to the blog who pointed you to the link, however, sometimes, with many windows open, this reference gets disconnected from that referred, so credit is not given. However, passing on exact text without attribution? While that's the definition of digital media, it's also disingenuous, and tacky.

BTW, Parker Thompson mentioned the wired article today in person this morning.

In addition, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government has published a case study (pdf) entitled "Big Media" Meets the "Bloggers" Coverage of Trent Lott's Remarks at Strom Thurmand's Birthday Party (link via Rob at Smartmobs).

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