March 01, 2004

Really Bad News...

Sorry guys. According to AP, no one is blogging. Oh my God. I must have had one too many cosmo's the night before when I read the Pew Study yesterday,

Because Anick Jesdanun/AP reported hardly anyone blogs at all, I mean, hardly! And we've heard there may be none in fact, according to the AP headline party, but then again, we heard that on a blog:

From around the world: "Study: Blogging still infrequent," "Very few bloggers on Net," "Small number choose to blog," "Web users slow to post journals," and my favorite, "Blog hype belies use."

To which Roger Cadenhead oh so cattily points out: 2% is 2.7 million, suspiciously larger than any American newpaper's circulation. But I guess AP is right. That is puny by any standard. Roger, be nice to your poor old, old media friends. They have to have something to live for. Even if they can't do the math. I bet you in a year AP is proclaiming that blogging is the next BIG thing, all shiny and brand spanking new! Right after they figure out how to get that darned RSS feed working!

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 1, 2004 09:49 PM | TrackBack

2.7 million means that technorati isn't doing that bad at keeping track of most of them...

Posted by: joe at March 2, 2004 01:00 AM