February 27, 2004

Now That AP Says It, It Must Be True: Web Feeds Are The Next Big Thing

Enthusiasts call Web feed next big thing by Frank Bajak, AP Technology Editor.

This is about media, not technology. This is about the whole journalism model turned upside down, inside out, counter-intuitively, disruptively with RSS. This is about behavior and media consumption; people taking control back from the media companies over consumption and framing and interest, even if news aggregators suck and the interface is horrible compared to the 300 years of newspaper interface that is tactile and rich, or even better, 50 years of paper magazines that bath you in a rich warm experience. People want some measure of control over their media, more than the UIs of old. I tried to explain this to someone at AP a year ago and they just had no idea what to make of it. It's clear from the headline and the story, that it's just hitting the radar. Soon to be off the radar for the next story, with little understanding of what this means to media, big media.

It's not the technology that's important, it's what people are doing with it, what they use it for, how it changes their behavior. RSS is not the center of this discussion, it's that people design their own media systems, use news aggregators to collect it, and people whose blogs they respect to filter that news down even further to get what really matters to them.

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