February 24, 2004

RSS Attention and Metadata Love

Really Simple Syndication or whatever you want to call it, is overwhelming our news aggregators, per Steve Gillmor, subscriber of 400 feeds, who mentions Robert Scoble. Robert told me at eTech he has 1300 feeds in his aggregator. Steve also mentioned that while he can't read all his aggregated links, he can search them, because his aggregator saves all the metadata, but then he made me promise not to tell the RSS feed purveyor he cares about the most, because he's afraid they'll take it back and it's his favorite source.

I already use my friends plus bloggers I haven't met to filter the news for me somewhat, because I either know them, or have read them enough to know that I want their take, I trust it and know the biases and want their skew. So what's next? Filters for the filters? Depending on my time and attention availability, I may want Dan's filter on Steve, who's giving Dan the filter on some particular techy stuff along with his opinions. I want Donna's filter on IP, but also I may need her to be my filter on IP bloggers and topics when I'm so swamped I can hardly see straight I've been working so much. Then again, sometimes I just want to know what's on any of their minds, and so I read their blogs for that.

How about, depending on the amount of time I have on a given day, some topic community filter, and then a topic or keyword search to get some particular skew, grok the latest on something or someone or some small community?

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 24, 2004 11:59 PM | TrackBack