February 23, 2004


Just changing hosting services, and as of tonight, I'm blogging again. Yeah! Took a couple of days to switch everything over and get it right, but thanks to the incredible Scot Hacker, we're in biz.

So last week at the blogger dinner, one of the bloggers whom I had not met before (and I can't remember exactly who said it so I won't try to guess) told me he was surprised I was so young. He though, reading bIPlog and then Napsterization, and considering my name (which he thought sounded very old fashioned), that I must be someone in her 50's. Well, I'm sure you can image I was surprised.

Anyway, I also had a conversation early this morning with Doc Searls, who accidentally called me on cell around 6:30. He didn't realize it at first, as he was wandering around his construction site/house remodel (disaster - please wish him good thoughts for a speedy fix to the chaos), and somehow I won the speed-dial roulette. Great conversation involving Walt Whitman, blogging, the industrial revolutions, trade offs, privacy and disruptive technology. Suffice it to say that Doc pointed out that the bigger fear, beyond the government or companies (who are incompetent for now - though that isn't great long-term privacy protection), when we reveal anything about ourselves on the internet, is from each other. He's right. Great thoughts to wake up to before coffee.

I've been thinking about that all day, in the context of the remark last week about how my name and blog makes me seem, and how in the past I've been reluctant to post photos of myself online. Generally, I just didn't want to go that far on my site, though it's been done in other places. It's true, that in that case, my fear is about people who might misuse it. The wisdom that Doc points out is that we are in the end the ones who can really hurt us the most. We have, day-to-day, the greatest ability to accept this always-on, online existence with persistent information and point's of view, especially on blogs, not to mention personal information, and use it respectfully and judiciously.

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 23, 2004 11:13 PM

This is exactly what I thought of Fred von Lohmann until he came to speak to Pam's cyberlaw class... I thought his name sounded so old and he's such a vocal part of the EFF. Word up about the picture issue... I never like how I look (which shouldn't be a problem for you!) so I screw with Photoshop for a while... (it's not too hard to find a picture of you!)

Posted by: joe at February 24, 2004 07:59 PM

Scot is a peach. He's one of my heroes for sure.

Posted by: xian at February 25, 2004 11:07 AM