February 08, 2004

Saturday Night Rewritten

Attended this show earlier tonight by the Above Kleptomania Family at the Sage Theater in NY. The premise: watch Saturday Night Live, and then do an analog remix/riff with a 6 hour rewrite, and some rehearsal, spoof it with about 14 actors, plus a different band each week (we had the Billionaire Boys Club, who had a little mic trouble – you have to turn the mic on, guys – which added to the fun; decent band too) on the Sunday night after the SNL show. It was good tiny off off-bway theater.

Many good skits, but a fav included "Sara Shaffer" describing her new "book": Movies And Albums That When Played Together Will Totally Blow Your Mind.

Chapters include: How to correctly sync The Color Purple and Hall and Oates, The Pointer Sisters and episode #37 of Saved By the Bell (the one where Jack confronts Jesse about her speed problem), and Boys on the Side with Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash.

We caught part of the SNL show last night after dinner in Soho at Peasant (you know, food in NY is just so damned cheap -- okay, inexpensive. Everywhere we go, we are shocked, after a lot of good wine and food, how reasonable it all is -- it would have been double that in SF. Previous night at Bond Street, had the best Sushi, better than Nobu, we agreed, with Sakitinis - vodka and dry saki that were great - great beautiful delicious creative sushi, and it was half what we were expecting. I can't figure it out but it's nice to hang here and pay so much less than Bay Area prices. Even the Union Square farmer's market is about half the price of organic in SF/Berkeley. Though I also have to mention that we walked past this Rice Pudding shop - similar in concept to an ice cream shop - very high tech/Italian style too - but totally weird. I tasted three, ranging from awful to good, but frankly, and maybe I shouldn't have said this to the woman, "I'm sorry, but I just can't eat this." I'm an adventurous eater, but this was just not good.)

I asked the Above Klepto Family if they had to get permission from SNL, and they said things were cool, and so far no worries (I interpret this to mean that no, they haven’t asked) and that if the show is successful (been going 4 months), they may have to be more formal. However, imagine doing this digitally. Could you get the parts of the SNL show recorded to remix once the broadcast flag is in place (as rewritten, it was acted out live, though they did use original recordings, and totally take the opening of SNL and then shoot their actors in a similar opening montage, and play it on a large TV onstage)?

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For the record, the problem was that they didn't have enough microphones for both the band *and* the actors. So we had to rush the mikes back up front after they pulled them backstage for one of the bits.

Thanks for the kind words though!

Billionaire Boys Club

Posted by: leigh at May 12, 2004 03:02 PM