December 10, 2003

Chris Allbritton Goes Back-to-Iraq!

More about telling the story, and telling it in a new way, with new technologies:

Chris Allbritton, of Back-to-Iraq blog and disruptive journalism fame, has decided to go back next March 24, 2004, the one year anniversary of his first trip. This time, he's staying longer, and going to do more. He's been teaching at NYU - digital media (I was a guest speaker one night), but has decide this is his calling. And it is.

He went last time with $15k in donations, and now he's asking again, and folks are giving. He told me the story of how he got in, through Turkey, with another guy, and guides who the two of them were entrusting their lives to, for $3k each, though the money was being held until a phone call was received that they had made it.

Chris is heroic and if you can, donate to him! News for him is a conversation with those who comment on his site, or post elsewhere. He's doing a journalists job, with a blog and donations. He's taking direction from his readers. He's using the internet, and digital technologies for communications, receiving donations, computing and conversing about what he feels needs better reporting. And we should support him.


Posted by Mary Hodder at December 10, 2003 02:38 PM