November 30, 2003

Eco Gets Digital, And Yet Still Believes in the Meaning of the Book


Umberto Eco on vegetal memory:

    ...That is what every great book tells us, that God passed there, and He passed for the believer as well as for the sceptic. There are books that we cannot re-write because their function is to teach us about necessity, and only if they are respected such as they are can they provide us with such wisdom. Their repressive lesson is indispensable for reaching a higher state of intellectual and moral freedom.
    I hope and I wish that the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will continue to store this (sic) kind of books, in order to provide new readers with the irreplaceable experience of reading them. Long life to this temple of vegetal memory.

(All bold emphasis mine.)

It is a theorist's view of authorship, but it addresses the digital medium and is worth reading in full if you have the time.

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