August 21, 2003

Telco's in Toyland.. Or I Hope My Future Phone Experiences Look Something Like This


The FCC's Triennal Decision here.

So, are the telco's in the minute biz, the information biz, the broadband biz? With VOIP, I don't think you can really be in the minute biz, so strike that. But how 'bout the info biz?

Some of the more recent submissions to the FCC on this issue:

Local Broadband Access: Primum Non Nocere or Primum Processi? A Property Rights Approach. By Bruce M. Owen, Gregory L. Rosston. Related Publication 03-19. Aug 2003.
SBC Shouldn't Have To Subsidize Its Competitors by Alfred E. Kahn. Policy Matters 03-21. Jul 2003.
Regulatory Politics as Usual by Alfred E. Kahn. Policy Matters 03-3. Mar 2003.

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