Comments: Come Tonight: Girl Geek Party Without The Porn Company

As I told you in person in New York, Mary, I am shocked that anyone doesn't understand why a woman wouldn't want a porn company taking her picture at a work event. Long blog post coming from me on this.

The tagline reminds me of what a friend said to me when I reported that I was going to dinner with a jerk but that it wasn't a date. "If it's not a date, you don't have to say that it's not a date." If it's not porn, why does Zivity have to say it right there in the strapline?

Also, what has Zivity got against porn? Rather prudish, really.

Posted by Jackie Danicki at June 26, 2008 11:12 AM

I understand Zivity has used the "its not porn" tagline in the past, but you mention they lie to you with their tag line on Zivity. Where exactly does it say "it's not porn" on their site at It's not mentioned anywhere I can see (except for a really early blog post that has more of a press announcement feel to it.)

Yes, Cyan Banister is her real name. You should hang out with her some time. She is a real person, and agrees that women should be empowered.

Not sure where you got the "former CEO" title for Cyan. She was never the former CEO. She has always been the CMO, Editor in Chief and Founder.

Thanks for warning us that it is not appropriate for work. Now what is the name of your friends company in Berkeley? Sounds fun... where do I sign up.

Posted by Joanzy at June 27, 2008 10:44 AM

Hi Joanzy,
Valleywag interviewed Cyan and stated that "it's not porn" is their motto at Zivity. I assume Cyan told them that. Additionally, on Zivity's outside pages, at the top, the page title used to say "Zivity, It's not Porn."

Here is an example of a page cached that said it:

I believe, much like the Girl Geek Dinner site the past two weeks, that both entities have been watching our discussion of this, and while not participating or responding or putting out information, have been quietly editing the pages.

We've caught a few of the edits, but things we saw two weeks ago are now gone.

If Zivity is now no longer saying they aren't porn, that's terrific. Google shows more than 8,500 hits for Zivity + Porn, so clearly many other folks understand it's a porn company as well.

They are a porn company, with social network (not new, another friend in SF has had a porn social network for 7 years).

The CEO title was a mistake.. I meant to say former CMO, as her title now on the about pages is now "editor in chief." I've corrected that.

Cyan was supposed to come by last night, but did not. She's always welcome to comment here, write me a note via the email on this blog, or blog and link back.

Cyan and Angie, the organizer of the BAGGD, could have responded two weeks ago.

What's so odd is that they have put themselves into the ecosystem as social media people, and yet have been totally silent about any of this.

We asked to meet with Angie, and she proposed a time, and then didn't respond to any email or phone txts and we set aside time and rearranged schedules. We then asked for phone calls because two of us were traveling after the proposed meeting and she didn't write back until days had passed, suggesting we talk *after* the BAGGD event.

Again, if information here is incorrect.. this is a conversation. Say something.

Cyan and Angie have been silent, and instead have chosen to just quietly change things in reaction to what we are doing.. a sort of rewriting of history, that is, I guess meant to either cause people like you to wonder how we got information, or, to embarrass us, without actually talking to us.

I'd love to get the correct story. A Zivity blog post, or a comment here or at Calley's blog would be great.

I do understand from Calley that Cyan spent a lot of time emailing her yesterday, and Calley was pretty clear with her that if she had joined the conversation, a lot of this wouldn't have happened. By not talking with us, it meant we had to go on the information we could find online or from folks we could find to ask.

Since you know Cyan, I'd suggest you ask her why she won't engage with us, here, or write a blog post and link to us so we see the link, and then we can converse about the issues.


Posted by mary hodder at June 27, 2008 11:31 AM