Comments: Real Life Demonstrates and One Hopes The Virtual Might Follow

I think there's a cultural element to this as well. For example, in countries where boys are not so aggressive or where it's not cool to put people on the spot or make them lose face (e.g. Japan, the Philippines), a boy would probably never create a piece of software that violates those social codes. Not that they wouldn't think about it (boys think about naughty things all the time), but it would not become popular.

You see this even with grown up software services such as Xing (the European Linked In). Xing does not have the odious feature called "endorse me" which is very American.

But I think that boys everywhere, more than girls, push against boundaries and test people. That is perhaps the difference between a boy and a girl -- and it might even be biological.

Posted by Esme Vos at March 20, 2008 09:51 AM