Comments: Why I Think Facebook Budged

I think the first hurdle to jump is to trust one's own self and then the hurdles ahead become that much less challenging to get across. Even if I could jump all the trust hurdles that I come across, at some point my brain is going to give me a great big hormonal shot of where it is I am running to. I guess the size of the hurdle I am jumping would be considered quite pathetic to a professionals who have already jumped through both hoops and hurdles.

I would give implicit trust to what these activists are doing on behalf in the privacy arena because it gives me time to do what I feel is personally important to me right now, that there is still lots of room to learn about trust at a deeply practical and personal level. So when I think about trust my first word association with it isn't "privacy" (it is there in my eyeline) but the "nature of fear" is probably the first thing I am looking at.

So now I ask myself how do I go about organizing these hurdles and maybe I have already crossed the first hurdle which is to trust myself, and the second hurdle is understanding fear as a personal response, and then third is understanding fear the way Chomsky writes about it, and maybe then the fourth is looking at privacy issues - but the arrangement of those hurdles depends very much on me as an individual, and I guess that all trust issues are personal, until one learns to play or wants to engage more challenging levels of trust.

The .1% number in that context are people who have raised the bar on hurdles that most of us will not jump and since we can't and probably more to the point know we can't, and so we do need that trusted space, and in that regard we know it and understand it as such.

My purpose here is to arrive here as an ignorant little fella and maintain the process of wising up but as I do, I get to understand that in terms of trust, I simply treat my visit here as a part of my own trust intelligence building

The long tail has one reality to it that I have begun to understand which is that it fits the reality of this thing called the Power Law Distribution, but like any economic or sociological model, it does not become real unless I choose make it real, and I make it real if as a part of my trust intelligence building, I have the desire or intent to look across it and travel in a horizontal direction.

So simply having that kind of horizontal attitude, would put me in the .01% of something as well, so getting the 99% to move to any given direction, depends on how what form of communication they are most receptive to, and these forms are more the way that people like Chomsky and even John Lennon said they do - and I am myself only at the beginning .01% of understanding any of that stuff as well!

I remember reading in some book (can't remember the name of it now) the difference between a book by John Kotter that was a highly researched book on Change but it was trumped in sales volume by a popular book called "Who Moved My Cheese", which outsold it by millions of copies - so that tell's me that firstly it's perfectly OK to be a part of the .01% of something - so long as we are all moving in the right direction and secondly, the more I am beginning to learn, the less I speak the language of the 99%.

Anyway, just thinking out aloud for my own personal edification and to at least make it easier on myself to open my eyes to whether I should be raising the bar on my own trust hurdles, or simply following my natural instincts, which is to jump those that are a part of my own personal development.


Posted by Syven at December 14, 2007 03:26 PM