Comments: Just When I Thought Cingular Couldn't Get More Evil...

I agree - Cingular IS evil. And they're even more evil now that they're merged with the horrible AT&T, the company I left to go to Cingular to get away from their usury roaming charges 5 years ago.

In my opinion, cellular providers as a group are a group screaming out for a smackdown. They tout mediocre service as state of the art, fool users into thinking the emperor has clothes, and use their hardware to build a pyramid scheme to trap users into long obligations and contracts.

I have yet to own a phone that lasts for the duration of the 2-year contract extension. I've finally wised up and and am trading off the 'cheap phone' option to buy phones on eBay, finish my current contract and then decide which of all the evils is the least.

Good luck with them. If ever there were a need for Doc Searl's VRM, Cingular is the poster child.

Posted by Karoli at March 16, 2007 10:27 PM

Hi Karoli,
Actually, I noticed that too, when ATT merged with Cingular.

I left ATT to get away a few years ago and now I'm trapped again with them.


Looking forward to the smackdown!


Posted by mary hodder at March 16, 2007 10:49 PM

Thanks for your support! We need your help! Please take a look at the letter below and go to to read more about the situation (in FAQ's) and get a cut and paste response to use for the FCC and Attorney General.

Don�t Let AT&T/Cingular, Sprint and Qwest Take Away Your Right to Use the Conference Service of Your Choice!

As of Friday, March 9th , it's come to our attention that Cingular Wireless has begun blocking all conference calls made from Cingular handsets to selected conference numbers. If you call our service, you receive a recording that says, "This call is not allowed from this number. Please dial 611 for customer service."
Earlier this week, Sprint and Qwest joined into this action, blocking cellular and land line calls to these same numbers. This appears to be a coordinated effort to force you to use the paid services they provide, eliminating competition and blocking your right to use the conferencing services that work best for you.

We Need Your Help! Please Take the Actions Below:
Whether you are one of their customers, or an organizer who is being impacted by these anti-consumer and anti-competitive actions, please file a complaint with the FCC or send an email to your State Attorney General to complain about this monopolistic practice to limit the choices of consumers.

You can also let these companies know how you feel about their attempt to block competitive services:

�Sprint Customers can click here or dial *2 from their Sprint Phone
�Cingular Customers can click here or call 1-888-333-6651
�Qwest Customers can click here or call 1-800-860-2255

FreeConference remains steadfastly committed to bringing you simple, convenient and reliable conferencing services at the lowest cost possible. We appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Posted by FreeConference at March 17, 2007 01:52 PM

In response to the outpouring of support from bloggers like you, industry thought leaders, consumer interest groups and the media, Free Conferencing Corp (creators of has set up a special web site -- -- to set the record straight on the call blocking and law suits being leveraged by the major carriers including Cingular/AT&T Wireless and Sprint/Nextel. This site includes links to current blog postings, blocking FAQs, forum for visitors to blog, and, most importantly, a "Know your Rights" section directing people to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) web site so customers fully understand how their rights are being violated. The Know your Rights section includes links to learning about current FCC regulations, filing a complaint with the FCC, contacting your state attorney general and reading about historic cases that refute the claims of the telecommunications carrier "Goliaths." is also encouraging site visitors to subscribe to a list to join the fight in a class action suit.

Posted by Len at March 28, 2007 10:31 AM

Yeah, they really suck. I got a new sync phone with those clowns. The lcd display on it cracked internally, by closing the phone. The jerks at Cingular told me that this voided the warranty.

Posted by roy at March 28, 2007 03:21 PM