Comments: More comments on a community based algorithm and the attendant issues...

Hi Mary,

When thinking about it, I don't quite see how the problem of linking for essay/lit/memoir/society-commentary blogs can be easily solved.

It crossed my mind awhile back that time spent on a particular blog might be a good indicator of significance--then again, stats that display time spent can easily be played with by logging into one's own blog and slowly walking away from the computer....for a long time...

Also, just counting post links won't be of much help either. We don't necessarily post-link to one another's content. We may, on occasion, link to a specifically good post of someone else, but our modus opporandi is usually to post about where we are in the world--to entertain and to leave something of a record of who and what we are about at this point in time in this particular century.

I'm sure some might wonder why we just don't go over to LJ or Xanga or MySpace. As I have discovered, the majority of individuals on those particular social software sites have a different aim than those of us who do essay/lit/memoir. We are looking to reach a wider audience and aren't necessarily into the chit-chat and pickup nature of, for example, MySpace.

Further, some of us just don't fit the age criteria of these sites either ;-)

(I find it funny that there is now a niche called "mommyblogging"...which then becomes a quatifiable subset of "identity blogging" and could conceivable become measurable..which still won't help others not mommyblogging)

It seems that those of us who are not hardcore information-dispersing entities, who are not so hardwired and easily categorized with what we blog about, need the Nobless Oblige of A-listers the way that poets, artists and writers of other centuries needed patrons and "salons" (or saloons, as some of our blogs can be).

How we can be appropriately measured...I have no clue...but I think meaningful dialoge regarding the complex nature of blogs can help to sort out what's going on in the blogosphere and expose more of us to more of you (although convincing some in the political sphere that non-political people have value and are entitled to a voice can be, well, a challenge)



Posted by Tish G at August 14, 2005 09:13 PM