Comments: Singing Happy Birthday to EFF

I sent the following preen of praise to BayFF, but wanted to highlight that YOU are one of the blogoneers I felt it such an honor to actually see -- it is bloody history & I'm gonna boast that I was at the 15th Birthday Party when I'm even more old and gumming my food: "Gather 'round the campfire and hear the tale of how the new synapses in the blogbrain actually began . . ."

Dear BayFF,

Gosh, please spread congratulations all around for the coolest party.

Perfect ven-new at 111 Minna. Lovely array & parade of darn cool blog folk. Inspiring indeed. And to see the blogoneers who were In On The Beginning was, like, historic.

I vote for doing these soirees twice a year if possible -- even tho with the bizarre exigencies of public transportation in the Bay Area, I didn't get home in Mountain View til 1:45a. Worth every hour spent waiting in Millbrae on a cold stone bench.

please every one congratulate everyone -- some major preening is in order.

May you be awash in the gold of gratitude,


ps. Only two suggestions -- I spent 10 years in community tv so have been fighting mics for a long time -- tell folks to tip in right up to their mouth like a rock star and all but lick the top of it as if it were the end of a popsicle. Next time you see a rock star, notice how they point the mic right at their mouth & how they look like they are going to inhale it. (A friend of mine used a mic with a shaving cream 'Santa beard' and we never got all the cheap shaving cream out of the wind sock -- that's how close you get.)

Also if there were any way to have some kind of directory of BayBlogs that the folks at the party could sign onto with url & paragraph of description, gee, that would be groovissimo. (Maybe such a thing already exists and I just don't know it.)

again, thanks for all the work that goes into these things.

Posted by pogblog at July 20, 2005 05:46 AM