Comments: SBC Global Does it again

Given that SBC's DSL service could charitably be described as, well, ass, why do you continue to give SBC your money? Also, did your brother ask for recommendations before subscribing to SBC, and, if so, why didn't you tell him to avoid it like the plague?

I've heard you fervently declare that after the troubles you had with your Treo 600, you would never purchase another Treo. Is there some reason you don't apply the same high standard to your DSL provider?

Please don't parse this as personal criticism. It's not meant to be. It's just that you're one of many folks I hear complaining about SBC's atrocious DSL service. If all those people switched to other DSL providers, and perhaps blogged about it, it might influence SBC's bottom line enough to improve its service. Conversely, it might allow other DSL providers to reduce their prices, thus making them more attractive compared to SBC.

Personally, I am a very happy customer of Friends I trust also have very good things to say about


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Posted by Daniel C. Silverstein at June 14, 2005 09:20 PM

Actually I had to push them to get mid-speed bandwidth, verses dialup. That was a deal in itself, and since they live in a rural area, SBC is the only provider and they went with that.

The SBC guy who emailed did say he was going to make the usability case with management, and hopefully succeeds. It is cool that someone there is paying attention, and attempting to do something about their problems. Hopefully they succeed.

Posted by mary hodder at June 16, 2005 06:41 PM

It really doesn't take too long to find a basket of alternatives to SBC. I switched to last year and have never been happier. What is ironic is that Sonic uses SBC lines but they provide all the ISP and network support. They deal with SBC for you and they get results. Its no suprise that they are the #1 ISP on and their customers love them. My theory is the #1 reason that SBC-Yahoo has really c**p support is that their lines are tied up all day with people complaining about how their machines have never worked the same since the day they installed all the SBC-Yahoo software c**p on them. As someone who does IT support for local people and businesses I can attest first hand to the number of people who have had this experience. There's really no excuse for a person to believe they have to buy a new computer just because the old one stopped working when they installed SBC-Yahoo (that actually happened).

Posted by Simon Waddington at June 21, 2005 11:15 PM