Comments: Directory of Feeds?

Mary, this is indicative of the sad state of the spam wars: my last email to you was rejected because my host (EFF) has evidently been blacklisted as spam by your anti-spam software. So I'm writing you here to make sure we're on for Wednesday, not Tuesday. Sorry to interrupt the blog!

Posted by Donna Wentworth at February 28, 2005 04:30 PM

Hi Mary

You make a valid point, and that's been a response I've seen elsewhere about our directory (and directories in general).

Our initial goal is to offer a helpful tool that makes life a bit more efficient for people looking for Corporate RSS feeds

Let's take an example using, say, law firms. Say I'm a journalist for a legal industry publication, or an analyst, or a law firm owner. In each case, say I want to obtain RSS feeds for all the law firms worldwide(Our assumption is that in the next couple of years all companies will offer RSS feeds).

Today, there are two routes I can take: manually visit each law firm's site, locate their feed and subscribe to it, or visit the Nooked directory, grab the OPML file for law firms and add it to my RSS reader. I know which route I'd prefer.

We've got some great feedback from the community so far, and we will be implementing some enhancements that people want, that will make this directory even more useful for people looking for corporate RSS feeds


Posted by Fergus Burns at March 3, 2005 04:00 AM