Comments: Core Values of the Web Discussion Ideas for Bloggercon

Very insightful Mary. You present an accurate and articulate overview of the situation presently at hand. I particularly enjoyed your analogies that went beyond pure good and pure evil (protestant work ethic, capitalism, etc.) as well as your examination of the secondary benefits to blogging -- I'd never considered "dates" as a secondary benefit.

Personally I take no compensation for my blog but I have the good fortune of having a day job that provides another source of significant income and thus have a certain degree of luxury and freedom with regards to my writing. This is not the case for everyone for sure. The themes of identity, transparency and pseudonymous writing also sound like roads worth traveling and examining.

As Bob Dylan says in his 115th dream:

"They asked me my name
And I said, "Captain Kidd"
They believed me but
They wanted to know
What exactly that I did
I said for the Pope of Eruke
I was employed
They let me go right away
They were very paranoid."

Posted by Thomas Hawk at November 4, 2004 10:16 PM

The bottom line from a political standpoint is that the blogs, like much of the Internet has Liberal inclinations. They talk to themselves. They ignore what the "other guys" are saying.

They got beat in the election just completed by more than three million votes, the largest margin since 1964. Yet they persist in idas that the "rest" of the elctorate is ignorant or stupid and are so wrapped up in their own little world, while blogs remain only a small part of the real world, that they don't really have a clue what's going on.

Witness the Iowa caucases for the demos. Howard Dean supposedly had a massive lead, had obtain massive revenues online from contribtions, but the Iowa voters werent involved in that. In fact they were no where involved in the Dean campaign.

The rsult was that a traditional campaign with loyal volunteers out knocking on doors overcame rather easily the Dean "lead" and all the money he spent on TV was in vain. He finished third.

Those who live in the world of weblogs presently do not always, and often don't, have clue what's going on outside their blogs. And now the liberal blogs are crying in their beer trying to determine what went wrong and trying to plan for the future when, in fact, they likely won't make any changes from the past.

Politics requires food soldiers. They stuff envelopes and knock on doors. That seems beyong bloggers who, for the most part, are politically naive, not that they'd admit it. At present the world of weblogs is a largely artificial created for the well educated and liberals who, in general, have a distane for Mr. Farmer in South Dakota. Why? Because they don't have a clue what Mr. Farmer thinks or what his interests are.

Posted by SteveoBrien at November 6, 2004 09:33 PM

The three million votes was NOT the largest since 1964 Clinton won the 1996 election by almost eight million votes.

Posted by Jack Kendall at November 10, 2004 10:32 AM