Comments: Wikipedia: They've Got the Geeks, but Not the Nerds

It's been some time since I read these things, and I don't think that just liking them qualifies me to add or change the entry. But I'd love to have someone currently up to date on this add to it.

But this is the difference between Wikipedia and an encyclopedia. Encyclopedias have to be written by experts; if you wrote the whole article on Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it wouldn't be that good. But there are parts you can add, and you should add what you can. If the films aren't mentioned, mention them; grab a list from IMDB. Add a short paragraph that says what you know about the short stories. If an expert comes along and has more to say, she'll say it; she'll be more likely to say it if there's something small there on the topic already.

Each of us individually isn't qualified to write on things we know about but aren't experts on, but all of us together are. Edit fearlessly.

Posted by Joe Gratz at September 29, 2004 11:58 AM

In an random anecdotal survey, I just noticed a similarly significant difference in wikipedia's richness and depth of information between two other authors, Jorge Amado vs. Douglas Adams. Seems to point directly at your hypothesis, considering the wildly different levels of tech-geek fandom they inspired....

Posted by Nina at September 29, 2004 11:10 PM