Comments: Transparency and Trust

I lost you somewhere.

People "trust" sources for many reasons, often related to psychology rather than any logical factor. Every con man knows this.

Slashdot is to the NYT as, say, Rush Limbaugh is to Dan Rather. But what's the implication meant?

It's as if you're saying "The President speaks to people via a national speech on TV, and this is a broadcast model. But people also speak to each other on the telephone, and this is symmetric. Isn't this phenomena called "speaking" fascinationg?"

Well, yes, there is certainly sociology in it, e.g. in what makes a credible speaker. But it almost seems that it's considered a revelation that newspapers are not, socially, like personal letters, even though they're both writings on paper (and being able to write a letter doesn't mean you have your own newspaper).

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at August 13, 2004 12:46 AM