Comments: I Am So Pissed!

Yeah! I'm with ya on this Mary. I'd drive over to the county, state, and federal government offices, picket, raise a fuckin' stink. But I can't.

I ain't got no gas and there is no promise I will have later today either :)

Posted by Michael Perry at March 27, 2004 09:56 AM

Yep, it's crazy. But I think it's called supply and demand. Unless people like me (I moved here Nov 2002 from reasonably priced Salt Lake City...and with no definitive income prospects in Bay Area) stop wanting to live here no matter what the price, I don't see it changing. No one lives here because of the great cost of living - I moved here in spite of it. I came because innovation, good ideas from any source, and entrepreneurship are nurtured and valued.

Posted by Evelyn Rodriguez at April 1, 2004 12:28 PM

I'm with you to Mary. In fact I'm sitting here in Texas looking for a job, any job, for the reasons you mentioned. I've lived in So. Cal. for 25 years and I can't take the ridiculous prices anymore. House prices here are MUCH less than So. CAL (I've seen NICE 4 BR,2BA, 2300 sq.ft. houses on .5 acres in the city for $150,000 - 20% down payments about $1100/mo. on 30 yr. fixed) and the incomes for skilled positions aren't much different. If you are looking at a retail position, you're going to have problems (but where wouldn't that be the case).
For my personal situation - married with 2 kids and 1 income - selling the house in CA, paying CASH for a house here, and being able to go ANYWHERE on 3 week vacations 4 times a year, but living in Texas, sure beats eating rice and beans everyday in CA. I think in the next year or two, more people will start to realize this and for the people remaining in CA, things may get a little better - that is if the budget,energy, and business climate situations improve. Oh yeah, and if interest rates don't get up in the next 2 to 3 years and the 65% of the people that got the interest only ARM loans and those houses don't get the 50% payment hikes on their mortgages.

Posted by Chris Freimuth at August 8, 2004 10:27 PM